Moms Club West Fargo ND


Being a stay at home mom is so many things! Its hard, fulfilling, frustrating, tiring, and amazing. It can also be a bit lonely. It doesn't have to be! MOMS Club is an easy way for full and part time stay at home moms to make friends that really get all the trials and tribulations as well as the awesomeness that encompases being a stay at home mom.

The kids meet other children and get to do activities together. Us moms can enjoy spending time with both our children and other moms and get that adult interaction we crave while the kids play! Its so nice to have other mothers walking the same path to enjoy our time together, to use as a resource for all those "Is this normal...?" questions, and even sometimes as a sounding board for those days when things just don't go right.

That's why we are here and why we are a part of the amazing organization that is MOMS Club. Have some questions? Want to meet us? Explore the rest of the site and we'd love to hear from you via our Contact Us page!